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In a nutshell, Quantum Techniques (QT) is an advanced and comprehensive form of energy medicine. When I say comprehensive, I really mean it.

Watch this short video by Dr. Thomas Miller, QT practitioner, who will provide you with the 4 primary steps of a QT session. By the end of the short 7-minute video, you will know just how comprehensive QT is.

These 4 primary steps are only a few areas covered in a phone session with a QT practitioner. There is more to it, of course.

To give you an idea what the primary steps are and what QT practitioners check for when you page for a session, I’m going to share a few things I took away from the video that I thought you would like to know.

There are 4 main parts to doing a QT session. They are 1) Complaints and issues. 2) Balance client. 3) Testing—Physical and Nonphysical. 4) Build-a-code.


Primary Steps

Complaints and Issues

                In this first component, you want to get a complete list of complaints and issues you might have together. These complaints and issues can be anything you can think of that are a problem for you. It can range from physical to emotional things.

With energy medicine, practitioners can put all your complaints and issues into the treatment field and they can see how many fields are within those chief concerns. Having a complete list will help a practitioner help you better. The best part of it all is that this will save you a lot of time, and you know what else that means? It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Balance Client

                In this second component, QT practitioners will check for reversals, making sure that your energy is moving in the right direction before they begin working on you in order to get correct answers.

Some of the things QT practitioners will check for include blockages in your energy system, dehydration, electromagnetic interferences, brain and central nervous systems, and any imbalances between the two brain hemispheres. QT practitioners will also make sure your brain engines or communication pathways are online.

“These brain engines and pathways all need to be online so that the brain and the body and your electrical system are all communicating properly,” Dr. Miller said.

Testing-Physical and Nonphysical

                In this third component, QT practitioners are ready to address the complaints and issues you’ve identified and want to work on. Depending on your issue, practitioners will run a physical and/or nonphysical scan on you or both.


With a physical scan, QT practitioners will check for things in your physical and internal environments that might affect you. The things you eat, put on your body, and in your environment such as inhalants (things you breathe), contactants (things you touch), ingestants (foods and beverages, and anything that goes into the mouth), and injectants (things that have broken the barrier of your skin) like insect bites, splinters, injections will be checked.

In your internal physical terrain, some of the things QT practitioners will check for include neurotransmitters, hormones, peptides, steroids and pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungus, mycoplasma, protozoa, parasites, unknown pathogens, hidden bacteria and hidden viruses.

Since QT practitioners do not diagnose, when they find any of those above pathogens, it does not mean that they are in your body.

“They could have been in there previously and they might be gone, but, the energy frequency is still there, still vibrating in your body causing trouble. So we want to find those things and we want to neutralize them,” Dr. Miller said in the above video.


If it is nonphysical, some of the things practitioners will check for are blocking beliefs and emotions taken in from a trauma. Sometimes it can even be generational fields from your ancestors or spiritual attachments. Since each person is unique, what shows up will be different.


                In this fourth component, you have basically reached the end of your session and QT practitioners will give you a code to read so that you can continue to heal and work on the issues you were working on with a practitioner.

                Dr. Miller said: “The purpose of the code is to bring all of our body’s energy into harmony.” Since so many things around us such as toxins and negative programming running in our subconscious mind can disrupt the harmony of our energy flow, reading the code puts your energy and body back into harmony and balance.

Experience QT Now

Are you ready to experience QT? Call or e-mail a QT practitioner now. If you’re a brand new client and want to discover what QT is all about, learn about QT’s First Session Gift here.



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