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Hi. This is Jody King-Colegrove with Quantum Techniques, the most comprehensive diagnostic form of energy medicine in the world today. I work with people all over the world, by phone, helping them with their health and happiness, and finding out why they’re not healing, what’s going on with their bodies, and what they can do about it. Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about prostate cancer and prostate issues. There’s a lot of research and I just came across an article I thought had a couple good points, and I wanted to share those.

The first one is clear detection. There’s a test that they do, which is a PSA test. So if a doctor says you have a high PSA level, what does that mean? That usually means to them that you have some prostate cancer, and need to do something about it. There’s other things that can add to a high PSA level such as pathogens, which can be old pathogens. Women tend to get yeast infections, especially if they have a fungal infection inside their body, and it manifests in the vaginal area. Well, if they have sex with a man, sometimes that yeast infection gets transferred to the man, but they have no symptoms. But that yeast infection goes into the prostate and is held there as a pathogen. If a woman has some kind of a yeast infection in that area they should not have sex without a condom to avoid transferring that fungal infection to the male. So that’s something to be aware of. With Quantum Techniques, we can find out if you have a high PSA level, what’s causing it, and work on getting the level down.

The next thing is that a test exists called glycine 3, which is used to show levels of inflammation, fibroids, and tumor development and mastation and levels of suppression of immunity. It’s important if you do get that test, to find out what we can do to decrease those levels.

One of the other things that’s really important for prostate health is to have a good, proper diet. The western diet is high in unhealthy fats, sugars, and processed ingredients which all promote inflammation, damage to DNA and fuel numerous diseases. That’s why we call it the SAD diet. Things that are better to eat are lean meats, plant-based protein like beans, organic fruits and vegetables and whole grains, however we find many people are bad on grains, so it’s important to test first. All of those foods help you have a better diet. What we do at Quantum Techniques is to find out what’s best for you to eat for the particular symptom that you have.

Another thing that can create issues for the prostate is stress. I’ve worked with several men that have issues with their libido, getting erections and things like that, and it’s important to find out what are the stressors. I’ve been amazed to find how many times it’s an emotional response to not being successful or to having some trauma in your life. It’s pretty easy to work through and find out how to clear that. Things that can help with decreasing stress are yoga, tai chi, meditation and exercise. There’s also several different supplements that we can test for to determine if they are able to help. Those would be different vitamins, herbs and minerals that can be really helpful.

For the prostate in particular, what is good to eat in order for it to stay healthy? Test yourself on these first, but recommended foods include oysters, mackerel, tomatoes, spinach, pomegranates and collard greens. It’s important to find out whether tomatoes test good for you as they are a nightshade, which can cause inflammation. I also found out something interesting about collard greens. I live in the south where there are lots of collard greens served. They’re finding that older generations ate much more collard greens than the new generation, so there’s not as much collard greens being produced, which is really sad, because it’s a really good crop for us to eat.

Other things that are good are ginger, pumpkin seeds and tuna. Make sure with the mackerel and tuna that they don’t have too much mercury in them; again, we can test to determine whether they are good for us or not. My son loves tuna and usually has it once a week but I test to find tuna that doesn’t have mercury in it, typically organic tuna. Just be aware that those kind of fishes can add heavy metals to your diet. This particular article gives some great recipes on adding more tuna and things like that to your diet.

You want to strive for having good prostate health, and I’ve given you a few ideas here. Women often are the family health monitors, so I hope that you also got something from this so you can help your husbands have good health too. Visit our website at for more information including lots of mp3 downloads, free universal codes, a client manual and a new eBook by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel about Quantum Techniques and how it works, and what energy medicine is all about. I look forward to having a session with you to find out how you can get your health and happiness back! Blessings.

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