Reduce Your Risk of Prostate Cancer Dramatically: Is Dairy Really Worth It?

The question I’m considering today is, what about cancer and dairy? Reviewing an article in the July 2017 Life Extension Magazine, they mention a research study. The article is primarily about using green tea for prostate issues, but they mentioned other foods and their possible effects. One study of around 1,000 individuals showed that men who ate three or more servings of dairy a day had a 76% higher chance of sudden death mortality from all causes, plus a 141% increase in likelihood of developing prostate cancer. Consider that humans are the only species that routinely ingest the milk of other animals. When I say “dairy,” I’m referring to all dairy except butter or ghee; those are different.

The research is similar with breast cancer, so if you have prostate or breast cancer, you need to be dairy-free to increase your longevity, without relapses. If you have a family history of prostate, breast, or any kind of cancer, or even diabetes, and you want to live a long, healthy life, become dairy-free. It’s not easy, but there are nut cheeses (almond) and rice cheeses and various other foods that you can substitute that can be okay for you, it just takes a little more work. To help yourself live a long, healthy life, and avoid the risk of cancer, consider going dairy-free. Have a blessed day.

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