Your Relationship Engine Light Might Be On

186407421Once in a while, it is a good idea to see and talk with a relationship mechanic for a relationship tune up. Although you don’t have to go through the whole nine yards like you do with a car as some people do, regular maintenance is essential in maintaining good relational health. After all, your relationship engine light might be on and you may not even know it.

Below is a 15-point inspection checklist to help you check if your relationship engine light is on. The more yeses you get, it is a likely indication, that you are overdue for a relationship servicing.

If you…

  • … pretend that everything is okay
  • … are staying in an unhealthy relationship
  • … are settling for something less
  • … are afraid of hurting other people’s feelings
  • … have barriers up so you don’t get hurt
  • … still feel a sting from past relationship
  • … are staying in a relationship until someone better comes along
  • … feel drained around certain people
  • … give away too much of yourself and much too fast
  • … have a problem setting healthy boundaries
  • … go out of your way to help someone when you know you can’t
  • … have a need to fix the other person
  • … try to get your needs met through someone else
  • … can’t choose for yourself
  • … want someone to complete you

This list is not all-inclusive, however, if any of the above applies to you, know that they are mere symptoms of something much bigger that might be undermining your relationship, and possibly even your health. This ‘something much bigger’ is what many call baggage – the old hurts, traumas, and unforgiveness that can block you from having a positive expression in your relationships.

As energetic disturbances caused from these blocks are cleared from your fields using a form of energy medicine like Quantum Techniques, the unhealed emotions and issues are painlessly healed. This allows for more positive life expressions to radiate outwardly and enables you to create and manifest the relationship you desire with more ease.

No longer do you have to go into ‘therapy’ several times a week for years. Imagine if you have to do the same with your car. Right!

Page a relationship mechanic on-call here.

About Sarah Bun

Sarah writes about the QT life + style and everything in between. When she is not empowering through words, you may find her in the kitchen whipping up some no-sugar added paleo and raw desserts. If you don’t catch her there, then you may just find her somewhere with a notebook and pen—writing.


  1. Thanks for the useful information. This is helpful not only for romantic relationships, but with family and friends.

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