The Secret to Enjoying this Holiday Season

I would like to share a message of self-empowerment and healing for those of us who are struggling through the holidays.

Life goes on whether it is the holiday season or not. This means that the same problems exist no matter what the calendar may say: health problems, financial problems, family issues, situations at work, and even issues that come up specifically around the holidays, including painful memories. How can we find peace and joy and goodwill for everyone when all of this is going on???

The secret to enjoying the holidays (or any other time, for that matter) is to live in the present moment. This is the best “present” you can give yourself and others. Many of us have heard that we should “live in the present moment” or “be here now”, but what does that really mean and how do we do it? It sounds simple enough, but it’s hard for me to do it, you may say.

The key to living in the Present is to heal your old pain so that you are free to be present in the Now. We unknowingly spend most of our time living in another time zone. This includes being in the past when some painful event or loss occurred, or thinking of the future and what it will be like if you continue to be alone. Both of these scenarios catapult us into another time zone and into a place of pain.

Healing old pain with the QT trauma code is a perfect place to start. Once the old pain or painful futuristic thoughts are no longer calling your name, the next step is to find something to focus on that you are grateful for, in this very moment, Now: a song, the sunshine, a pet, a card in your mailbox, something that feels soft and warm, the taste of something delicious, the smile of a friend or stranger, the smell of pine boughs, etc. Choosing gratitude ends all suffering immediately. Where you focus your attention will determine your level of happiness today. This sounds so simple, yet is so profound.

In this very moment, you are connected to something Higher than that which you can see. This is a Spirit of Creation and Light that holds only Love for you and is always at work FOR you, never against you. The Divine can only be met in this present moment. You won’t find God in thoughts of yesterday or forecasts into the future.

All of this is not to say that negative emotions and negative states will suddenly cease. Negative emotions will come…allow them to move through like a storm passes. If they are stuck, go back and use the trauma code as a tool to help the emotions pass more quickly. Your imagination may start to tell you that the holidays are NOT the way they should be this year; things should be different than this. Remember, that you are not your thoughts nor imagination and these thoughts cannot grab you without your consent. Choose to become aware and intentionally focus your thoughts on something you are grateful for at this moment. All suffering ends with this simple exercise.

Your life is part of a grand design that is always FOR you. You are never alone. Invite yourself to the present moment and experience how good life can be again.

Wishing you love, peace, and freedom during this holiday season.

About Beth Daniel

Beth Daniel completed a Masters degree in educational psychology and an Educational Specialist degree (Masters plus sixty credits in school psychological services) at the University of Minnesota. She is licensed as a school psychologist and practiced for eight years where her focus was on wellness promotion, crisis prevention and intervention with children and families. Beth is currently completing her Doctorate in Naturopathy. As a Quantum Techniques practitioner, Beth works outside of her role or licensure as a psychologist. Beth entered the field of Energy Medicine due to her complete recovery from severe multiple chemical sensitivities, fibromyalgia and environmental illness using Quantum Techniques. Prior to QT, she had between 25 and 30 allergic reactions per day, some of which were anaphylactic in nature and required oxygen for respiration. Beth is also a cancer survivor. Upon her recovery, Beth trained in Quantum Techniques, Masters level Neurolink, the Yuen Method, Contact Reflex Analysis, Field Control Therapy, and Emotional Freedom Techniques. Beth is one of only a few hundred people in the world trained at the Masters level in Neurolink and is an Academy Member of the Neurological Integration System. Beth has been a speaker at a number of educational workshops on a variety of topics, including Energy Medicine and its applications. She is a contributor to a book entitled "Ready, Aim, Captivate" which is endorsed by Deepak Chopra. Beth has served as a consultant for a non-profit youth mentorship organization. Beth is the co-founder of Quantum Techniques as it has evolved over the past several years. Beth and Stephen and their Rottweilers are based in Maui, Hawaii.


  1. Great article!
    Connected to God we are never alone.
    Knowing and experiencing connection to God we will never feel alone.

  2. Thank you, Beth. You wrote that beautifully. Your article points us to something every one of us has access to, and it’s so easy to do. I’ve discovered the power of a simple thought of gratitude. I’m grateful for QT, among many other things! Have a refreshing holiday season. Love, Belinda

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