The Importance of Sleep

Hi, I’m Dave Kirkpatrick with Quantum Techniques, the most comprehensive form of energy medicine currently available on the planet. I’m here to talk about something that we often take for granted, and that is sleep. Sleep is crucially important, because in any healing process, much of the healing occurs during the deepest level of sleep. And I say the deepest level of sleep because many people think they sleep deeply, because they lay down their head, they go to sleep, and they wake up the next morning, but in fact they’ve never reached the deepest level of sleep.

Many other people are aware that their sleep was disrupted, but they don’t attribute that as the cause of the barrier to their healing process. They focus instead on other symptoms. What I’m here today to suggest is for you to look at your sleep as one of the crucial things in any healing program.

So many things can be used to support sleep, including natural products. Most pharmaceuticals have side effects and may not really assist in reaching the deepest level of sleep. I have a list of about 15 things that I test clients on, as possible aids to sleep. The advantage of Quantum Techniques is what will work with one individual is quite different than it would be for someone else, so I can make recommendations with Quantum Techniques as to exactly what supplement, or combinations of supplements, would best assist this individual person.

But this is just masking the symptoms. What’s really far more important is looking at what’s causing the disruption to the sleep. And again, there are many things to consider here. One of the more common conditions is sleep apnea, where during sleep the body forgets to breathe, and this jars the body out of deep sleep, but doesn’t necessarily wake up the person.

I’ve had clients who think they sleep all night long, but in fact they have sleep apnea, which keeps them from reaching the deepest levels of sleep. The best way to test for that is to go to a sleep center and do a sleep test. But even if that is what’s diagnosed, what the sleep center will do is give you a CPAP or an APAP… a machine that helps you breathe continuously, and keeps the throat open so that you don’t have these disruptions to your sleep. You don’t want to be on that forever. You really want to find out what’s the underlying cause of the sleep apnea, or whatever else it is that is disrupting the sleep, so that you’re not relying on it long term.

It could be some level of inflammation, which makes the air pathways close down. It could be a neural disruption that keeps the brain from triggering the continued breathing pattern that is necessary. There are many different possibilities. And again, one of the advantages of QT is it can look at all of the different things that could be causing disruptions of sleep, whether it’s thyroid, hormones, emotional issues, genetics, inflammation, some sort of chronic infection, etc.

One of the strengths of Quantum Techniques is it doesn’t just focus on the symptom. It tests all the systems of the body to see what’s out of balance. It helps you develop a plan that will bring things back into balance so that you can address the underlying causes of the sleep disruption. So I suggest that you think about sleep as part of any healing program, and if you can’t make progress on your own, know that by going to the Quantum Techniques website, and setting up a session, you can get help in getting the assistance you need to get on the healing path.

So with that, I wish you a blessed day, and a very pleasant night’s sleep.


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