So you think you’re done with the flu…

It’s that time of year – viruses circle the globe, bacteria as well in the form of flus and stomach flus and the like. Your body heals and yay! – You’re over it; right? Not always.

If in a week or a few weeks an old injury is re-aggravated – the shoulder you injured in high school, the back pain from a few years ago – there may be a connection. Your pain is likely due to inflammation in the joint or muscle caused by remnant bacteria or virus from the flu you just had. Your immune system’s search and destroy mission nailed almost all of the pathogens, but a few remained.

Pathogens like virus and bacteria are opportunistic. When a body part is stressed or weakened (i.e. an old injury site), the pathogen gravitates to the area and thrives. In a joint or tissue this results in inflammation and pain (i.e. – back pain, shoulder pain).

Who would have thought? Your musculo-skeletal injury and your flu – the connection isn’t obvious until you understand it – then it makes all the sense in the world.

What to do:

Call for a quick Quantum Techniques session for specific and thorough clearing of the pathogen and to revitalize stressed organs and body systems. Clear factors which weakened you or made you susceptible to the virus or bacteria in the first place.


Or you can try this:

      1.  focus on the problem
      2. correct for reversal   –   sh   un   sh   un
      3. correct autonomic imbalance:
        • sweep hand from the forehead over the top of the head to the nape of the neck
        • sweep hand along the spine from the back of the waist to the tailbone
        • tap above the ears five times
      4. reconnect healing systems: touch each point in the following codes and at the end tap above the ears five times

Be healthy and thrive!

Questions? Contact Dr. Kristin Killops of Quantum Techniques at



Bacterial Infection
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About Dr. Kristin Killops

Faced with a prolonged and near fatal illness at age 19, Kristin found herself launched into the broad landscape of medicine, from experimental bone marrow transplants and chemotherapy to individualized nutrition and psychic healing. Kristin survived to make medical history and live a normal productive life, including giving birth to four healthy children despite being sterilized from extensive chemotherapy. Her story, featured in Dr. Andrew Weil’s book, Spontaneous Healing, demonstrates the body’s tremendous capacity to heal even in extreme conditions and the miraculous transformations energy healing can have. Kristin became a Naturopathic Doctor in 1985. She later discontinued naturopathic medicine to become an energy healer and trained in Reconnective Healing, BodyTalk, Neuro-Emotional Technique, EFT and counseling. During this time, Kristin also embarked on a deep spiritual journey which led to profound inner transformation and opened the door to more subtle energies and a unique healing gift. When she discovered Quantum Techniques, she knew she had found her calling. It is a highly effective healing modality which seamlessly weaves together the key components to health and all that she is passionate about; energy work, a wholesome lifestyle and emotional framework, removing the toxin load from the body, spirituality and the advancement of consciousness. Kristin lives in Portland, Oregon.

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