Three Wisdoms to Live By

When you’re sick, there’s always a spiritual lesson to be learned. Always. The thing with this is that when you don’t learn the lesson, the problem often comes back later to remind you again and again what it is that you need to learn before the problem clears.

While you do whatever you need to do to feel better, here are three wisdoms to live by as you set out on your journey towards transformation. They are: living in the present moment, going with the flow, and finding your own truth. They certainly helped me a lot and I hope they will do the same for you, too.

These three wisdoms are simple yet profound truths to live by regardless of whether you are sick or not. I’m sure you’ve heard many spiritual teachers speak about them. In fact, volumes of books have been written on the subjects as well. That goes to show how important they are. But, the power behind the wisdoms lies beyond just paying them lip service.

The mere reading of the words or saying that you get the wisdom behind them or that you will try living in the present moment, going with the flow, and finding your own truth, isn’t going to cut it. To harness their power, it means that you put those truths into practice and incorporate them into your daily life. And, when you do, that’s when and where the real magic begins.

hLiving in the present moment

As we all know, not living in the present moment is a big issue for people suffering from any type of physical, emotional, or mental disturbances. For some, and maybe you can relate, being in the present moment can be thought of as scary. Maybe, also for you, being fully present and in your body is painful. You might escape into the past by constantly reliving it, thinking that maybe you can right a wrong or somehow rewrite the past. Or, you might mask your problems somehow with something to cover up the pain, but, as you also know, once that “something” wears off, you’re back to feeling your emotional pain again. Long term, this abdication of self-responsibility leads to problems in the physical realm like an illness.

Although there are a plethora of reasons why living in the present moment is important, I’m going to place an emphasis on just one. If you are sick, you need all the energy you could muster to aid that part that is “broken” and bring it back to wholeness. But, if the energy available is spent elsewhere tending to some other musings, you don’t have enough of the energy available to fight off that infection or pay attention to what the body’s priorities are simply because you’re not “home” in your body.

So anytime you catch yourself in a time warp, meaning not living in the present, remember this: If you are living in the present, you’re living in Truth, and if you are living in the present, you’re living in Now. Any time outside of that you’re not living in the present.

7Going with the flow

One of my favorite reminders about going with the flow is from Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation (TCM World):

“Go with the flow of nature and use its unlimited power and healing wisdom to achieve and maintain a healthy, balanced body.”

When you’re going with the flow, what you’re doing is you’re allowing things to unfold organically rather than forcing things to happen willfully. Sometimes, you may feel you need to control the situation in order to get what you want that you think you need. It’s called controlling the future and the outcome. And, when you do that, you’re actually restricting and constricting the channels where your good comes through. This way of doing and not being in the world is a surefire way to close off your good and work against not only the higher spiritual laws, but yourself.

Think back for a moment what it feels like when you’re open and your channels are free. Do you feel the difference when you’re open and not closed off? When you go with the flow, you’re essentially allowing your Higher Power to go to work for you and come through for you. It means trusting that only your highest good will unfold. This means that you literally get out of the way and let go no matter how much you want to be in control of the situation. I know. Sometimes, we think that if only we do this or have this, we will be better, happier, and everything will be all right.

But, the truth is, everything is okay and well at this moment. Anytime, you think otherwise, you’re not living in the present moment, you’re not going with the flow, and you’re inviting lack and scarcity into your life as well. If you want better health, affirm already that health exists within you now. It is your natural state.

So, go with the flow.

You’ll find that your life is THAT much easier.

fgFinding your own truth

The truth is, your Truth, with a capital T, is always within you, but it can be hard to tap into it or connect with it when you are mired by and colored by other people’s projections of what you think it is that they want for you. When you live out your life for someone else, you’re not following and living your own truth. When you find yourself in this present state, to get back to your oneness again, you have to find your own truth.

The illustration I provided above about living your life out for someone else is just an example. Your reasons may differ and the truth you need to see or hear varies from one person to another.

If you ever find yourself in a bind, you can start by asking yourself this:

What is the Truth I need here to set me free?

Ask that you be shown this Truth, clearly and perfectly.

If you need a little bit of help, no problem. We all need help sometimes. In fact, it’s so much easier when there’s someone on the outside, like a third party person, looking in to help you see the bigger picture. The majority of the times, you might be so caught up in the minute details of your life, or someone else’s life, that it’s hard to understand the bigger scheme of things.

Like Dr. Daniel said in the above quote, that’s also how we get ourselves into trouble. Our illness is one way to call us back home to this present state and into alignment with Truth.

That’s why at QT, practitioners help you find your truth, not anyone’s truth, but yours and the Divine. They meet you where you’re at.

Truth is always present: the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.





About Sarah Bun

Sarah writes about the QT life + style and everything in between. When she is not empowering through words, you may find her in the kitchen whipping up some no-sugar added paleo and raw desserts. If you don’t catch her there, then you may just find her somewhere with a notebook and pen—writing.


  1. I don’t understand the first sentence of Dr. Daniel’s quote.

    • The first sentence means that it is not your responsibility for how others or the world responds to you speaking and living the Truth in a loving way. We must be “obedient” to what the Truth is in our lives and be “obedient” in following it. We can’t and don’t control the outcome of this obedience….we just know that is how we are supposed to live. In addition, Truth is the only thing that heals.

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