Tips for Safe Removal of Silver Mercury Fillings

470751885Now that you’re stronger and are ready for dental amalgam removal, do you know that there are just a few more things to consider?

If you’re anything like me, you would probably prefer to have those “silver-mercury” fillings, which aren’t entirely silver by the way, removed as soon as possible, but as the saying goes (and I love saying, thank you), “haste makes waste.”

When you take the time to do your homework like researching which quadrant where you have the amalgams to remove first and which dental fillings are compatible with you, you’re doing yourself a huge favor.

If you don’t know which quadrant where you have the mercury fillings to remove first, this alone, can delay your healing.

If you don’t know which dental materials you’re compatible with, you might have one that you’re reactive to that can cause more problems for you later on down the road as some “tooth-colored” fillings contain aluminum.

Since mercury removal is just one step towards removing a major toxic assault to your health so that you can heal, it pays to do it right. And, since you’re also the one who will be living with your teeth, you might as well choose dental materials that you and your body can both agree with.


Tips for Safe Dental Amalgam Removal


  • Check in with your body’s higher intelligence. So you think you’re strong enough to go through with the dental amalgam removal process, but is your body really ready? If you haven’t already done so, muscle-test (or have a Quantum Techniques (QT) practitioner check) whether dental mercury removal is in your body’s highest priority to proceed with the process. If not, then you might have some more work to do to get yourself ready. Rushing out to have the mercury removed when you’re energetically weak does more harm than good.


  • Make sure your detoxification pathways are open. Mercury is poisonous and when you’re planning to have them removed, you have to have an exit plan (no pun intended). This means, making sure your body’s detoxification pathways are working properly. For whatever reasons, the body’s elimination and detoxification pathways the body uses to get rid of toxins and cellular waste can be blocked. Review QT’s Detoxification Teleclinic from time to time as it provides you with information on how to safely detoxify as well as treatment codes you can use to gently open up the pathways and strengthen your body for success.


  • Knowledge is power. It seems logical that if you know what’s challenging the immune system, you would want to remove the offense as soon as possible. But, with dental amalgam removal, it’s quite the opposite. You definitely want to know everything you need to know about the mercury removal process before you actually plunge in. Educate yourself about the mercury removal process as well as learn how to protect yourself from mercury toxicity. Here are two places to start your online research: Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions (DAMS) and Toxic Element Research Foundation (TERF).


  • Don’t settle. Finding a biological or holistic dentist can be frustrating and trying. Since each dentist offers varying levels of services and not all of them follow the same protocol, it’s important to find one that fits your needs better. Not only that, it’s also just as important if you’re not satisfied with the recommendations, to get a second opinion. I know this may end up costing more in time and money, but it’s worth it. Not only are you actively participating in your wellbeing, you’re also taking control of your oral health. No longer are you someone who’s just following orders just because your dentist said so.


  • Remove amalgams in proper order. If you have multiple mercury fillings in your teeth, it’s important to know which quadrant (upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right) to have your dentist remove the mercury first. Some dentists use a meter to check, but not all of them do, but you can be one step ahead by muscle-testing it yourself. Based on the pioneering work of Hal A. Huggins, DDS, MS, and author of It’s All in Your Head: The Link Between Amalgams and Illness and Uninformed Consent: The Hidden Dangers in Dental Care, those who follow this sequential order of amalgam removal did better compared to those who randomly selected a tooth to work on as evidenced in their blood chemistries and symptoms. When one quadrant is being worked on, according to Dr. Huggins’ Client Education Packet, he also cautions not to “cross the midline (the middle of the nose) from right to left” or “upper left and lower right” as this can cause, in Dr. Huggins’ words, a “reinstatement of [your] problems.” See his Client Education Packet for more information.


  • Follow the “seven-fourteen-twenty-one day immune cycle” protocol. This is a theory Dr. Huggins observed in the majority of his patients where he theorized that people can be sick during each cycle if the immune system is stressed by a removal of or a placement of a dental amalgam filling. On his website, he says that this challenge could also be from an “immunization shot, a severe case of flu, or [an] emotional trauma.” Day one of the cycle begins when your immune system is stressed by any of the above factors. Seven days from that day, if there is another challenge to the immune system, Dr. Huggins stated in the above mentioned book: “…the patient will feel like he is coming down with the flu for a couple of hours….If another seven days go by—the fourteenth day since the original challenge—and an immune challenge occurs, the patient may come down with “whatever is going around” for a day or two.” On the twenty-first day of the immune cycle, “[T]he person’s genetic weak link may break, and a really serious autoimmune disease can appear.” When scheduling to have your follow up dental work done, make sure your appointments fall outside of the 7-day cycle.


  • If the biocompatible fillings fit. Believe it or not, some composites contain aluminum even if they’re tooth-colored fillings. Even though some argue that the aluminum doesn’t leach into the body and shouldn’t be a problem, Dr. Louisa Williams in her book Radical Medicine: Cutting-Edge Natural Therapies That Treat the Root Causes of Diseases, finds that people test energetically weak on those composites. This means, it’s critical to know what dental materials you’re compatible with and are safe for you as some are not BPA free. There are various ways you can test to see which materials you’re most compatible with. Blood serum testing through BioComp Laboratories, Inc. and Clifford Consulting & Research labs is one and energetic testing is another. Through energetic testing, you may want to ask your dentist for a list of recommended dental materials and muscle-test through the dentist’s field and decide from there. Or, download a list of the latest and cleanest dental materials from Dr. Louisa Williams’ website, muscle-test through her field, and ask your dentist if he or she uses one of the dental materials you test good on. Also, when you request a free informational packet through DAMS, a list of dental materials is included as well.


  • Before and after. Despite taking all necessary precautions during a dental amalgam removal, mercury vapor may still be released and enter the body via various channels like the skin, lungs, and nose while the mercury filling is being drilled out. In the DAMS Dental-Health Guide, taking activated charcoal mixed in water before mercury removal and after as a mouth rinse is very helpful in preventing mercury particles from being swallowed and in binding any metal bits that might be left in the mouth. Some dentists have their patients do a chlorella rinse afterwards. Your options are wide open. Take your pick, but don’t forget to muscle-test which options test better for you. Maybe both, but you’ll know.


  • Mercury toxicity and detoxification. When it comes to mercury toxicity and detoxification, they’re no laughing matters. Having mercury fillings is a given you might have some degree of heavy metal toxicity, but don’t worry. While some dentists recommend that you do a mercury detoxification prior to the removal of mercury, others suggest that you veer off on it until every visible mercury filling has been removed, but muscle-test when it’s appropriate for you. QT practitioner Dr. Carolee Johnson’s teleclinic on Mercury Toxicity is a good place to start and explore how QT approaches mercury toxicity. Dr. Johnson teaches you how to find out when you’re ready for a mercury detoxification and what you can do. If you don’t do it right, mercury detoxification can make you really sick. Tread carefully.


  • Frequency of dental amalgam removal. Some dentists and doctors have varying opinions regarding when you should have the next mercury removal after the first one. Dr. Huggins recommends having all amalgams removed within 30 days to notice a significant improvement in health if the patient is able. Dr. Louisa Williams offers a different perspective in her book Radical Medicine: Cutting-Edge Natural Therapies That Treat the Root Causes of Diseases. She theorizes that if you’re one of the miasmic types (we have a teleclinic on miasm if you want to learn more), it’s best to follow that guideline. Dr. Williams points out that the psoric type can have the mercury removed as soon as every two to three weeks. The tuberculinic or luetic type who is ill should wait one to three months before considering having another mercury removal done. If you’re unsure about what to do, ask a QT practitioner to test what is best for you.


  • Call a practitioner. One of QT’s basic principles is this: “what the body can see, it can heal.” This means, if there is something blocking the body, and mercury is a huge obstacle to cure, the body can’t see and thus heal. What’s interesting is that Dr. Huggins also found this to be true. In his book, It’s All in Your Head: The Link Between Amalgams and Illness, he noted that when mercury was removed, the patients called to mind forgotten events, often an old trauma, while being worked on. If this happens to you, run the trauma code mentally if safe. Once the mercury is removed, your body can heal at a much deeper level. Energy medicine like QT can help you achieve rapid healing much faster and easier. Calling a practitioner helps you safely and gently clear out any unhealed “stuff” as well as any mercury lodged in your tissues (when appropriate) without having you go through some sort of major crisis.


I hope these tips help you when you’re ready to have your dental amalgams removed. These are some of the main tips I believe are important to follow. You might find others that work for you that are not included here. Sometimes we don’t realize how even small steps we take today might have a big impact on us later on, but they do. Let us know how it goes for you. Blessings to your dental health!


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