Turn the Lights On: What You Need to Know to Heal


Sometimes when you’re considering a new healing modality, you’re curious as to whether that particular system will help your condition. More often than not, you want to know the answer to this question: Can this (insert name of modality) help with my [insert name of condition]?

Sound familiar?

Here at Quantum Techniques (QT), it doesn’t matter what diagnosis you’ve been given. It’s not about the diagnosis or the “designer label,” as Hale Dwoskin calls it, that is important. It doesn’t matter if you feel and believe that no one can help you or that your medical practitioners have given up on your case. QT helps even the most chronic and mysterious cases. That’s one of the purposes why QT is here.

QT exists today because the founders were called to seek an alternate path because the current and traditional route of conventional and some alternate therapies didn’t offer them the solutions they were seeking.

In a way, QT was and is the bridge that got them from point A to point B; or, maybe it was to point C.

Regardless, Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel got there, and because they got there, they’re now here to show you how you can get there, too.

Is QT that bridge you need to help you get to where you want to go? Perhaps from being in pain to being pain-free? Perhaps from needing surgery to not needing surgery? Whatever it is, know that you can get there, as well. Many have in their QT journey. Are you next?

How QT works

QT works in many ways. One of the ways that QT can help you is by helping you uncover what might be causing imbalances in your body and restoring your body back to balance.

When there is an imbalance anywhere in the body or your life, you are out of harmony with nature. Think of it this way: you watch television and suddenly it loses signal for a mere few seconds, and you get no picture. To get it back, you might have to wait until it comes back on by itself or you might want to do something about it. For the body, it’s a little bit different as you will find out.


Turn the lights on

                When the human body loses its signals or communication, it doesn’t always automatically reconnect or reset things on its own.

Listen and read what Dr. Daniel has to say in A Metaphor to Describe Energy Medicine with Quantum Techniques and Why it Works on why this is the case and what you need to know to heal.

“Our basic philosophy is, the Divine created healing intelligence and it’s within you. What the healing intelligence can see, [it] can heal. Now, that means if something is not healing, something has blocked the body’s healing intelligence from seeing what’s going on.”

“A metaphor I use, and I’ve done this with, glaucoma, cataracts; I’ve done this with knees that won’t heal; with discs that no one could heal, [and] they’re going to do surgery on. The metaphor I use is, you have your house, and you have a lightning bolt hit your house…And what it does is it turns off the circuit-breakers to keep your house from burning down, which is a great thing. But later on, if you want to go into those rooms, if you don’t go reset the circuit-breakers and turn the lights on, you can’t see what’s going on.”

“When we experience trauma, that can be an emotional trauma, that can be a chemical trauma like pesticide poisoning or mold, that could be a horrendous virus. The body shuts down some circuit-breakers to protect the body from burning down. But, it doesn’t always automatically reset them. So, at Quantum Techniques, we have a wonderful new scan called a Reconnection Scan and we can go in and show your body what circuit-breakers are off and what rooms and turn them on. And when that happens, miracles happen. I’ve had at least 20 patients in the last year scheduled for back surgery with multiple MRIs showing multiple ruptured discs; not a single one had to have the surgery after doing this scan and under 3 sessions.”

“So, there is a way to heal. The Divine put it in your body. We just got to move the things out of the way and turn the lights on. And ultimately, all healing is about turning the lights on, bring the light and the Divine and the gratitude, into the places where we’re missing that. That’s all you need to heal.”

About Sarah Bun

Sarah writes about the QT life + style and everything in between. When she is not empowering through words, you may find her in the kitchen whipping up some no-sugar added paleo and raw desserts. If you don’t catch her there, then you may just find her somewhere with a notebook and pen—writing.

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