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One of the fastest ways to bring in new energy into your life is to let go and clear out the old. Clearing out physical clutter like cleaning out the garage or the closet often brings in new energies and vibrancy into a room. You often don’t know why, but you feel great. You feel as if there’s room to breathe now when the stuff is gone and your mood is lifted. On that same note, you can do the same for your body, too, when you clean out any emotional garbage out of your life.

As the year comes to a close, and a new one begins, this is one of the perfect times to tend to any unfinished or incomplete business you might have. You do want closure, right? Even if you think you’re done and have moved on with a particular situation, sometimes, there is that one little thing left still energetically hooking you to your past.

So regardless of what your excuse is this year, don’t let the little things take precedence over taking care of what’s more important in your life and from you moving forward completely, freely, and fully. Don’t let the busyness of life stop you from living and feeling your absolute best. Instead, use this opportunity to pause and take care of all aspects of your being so that you are ready for what lies ahead.

If you’re feeling sluggish, and feel weighed down emotionally, doing some inner work might be what you need. This will surely free up energy for the body to utilize where it needs it most. If you’re sick, doing some inner healing is even more crucial because it affects you on all levels: body, mind, and spirit. When one level is out of balance, it shows up in other areas as well. The opposite is true too. When you’re balanced, other areas are as well.

But, how does clearing your emotional past bring in new energies and vibrancy into your life? Because nature abhors a vacuum, that’s why. If you’re mired in years’ worth of unhealed emotional garbage, you don’t have room to fill your emotional health with positivity. It’s when you clear them do you make the space needed for the new and the good to come in.

And, just so you know, getting rid of the emotional stuff is just as pertinent as getting rid of the old physical stuff that has accumulated in the body over the years. According to Nature Purity, the emotional stuff can be just as toxic as “heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals,” so you definitely don’t want the emotional garbage from the past of any sort to be stuck anywhere in your body or energy field. Not only that, your emotional past if not dealt with will find a way to show up one way or another and sooner or later.

“What you may not realize is that when negative feelings are not resolved as they occur, these feelings remain very much alive in your physical energy field (body) and these feelings affect each day of your life. In other words, unresolved “FEELINGS BURIED ALIVE, NEVER DIE!,” writes Karen Truman, author of Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.

“Feelings that we have buried and are completely unaware of are what create the challenges, the uneasiness, the dis-ease, the pain and the crises situations in our lives,” Truman wrote. “Thus, it is possible to experience one or more of these negative states at the same time, whether in our relationships, our physical, or the mental/emotional areas of our life.”

She further writes:

“DISEASE in any form is the natural consequence of unresolved negative feelings that have seemingly been forgotten, ignored or buried.”

Yet, even if you don’t know if you have any unhealed issues to work through or what it is that is keeping you stuck or why you don’t feel great emotionally, on some level, you do know that something is off balance. That’s because unresolved issues energetically hook you to the past. It’s as if one of your feet is shackled to the past while one is anchored in the present. You never seem to feel fully present and “here.” It feels as if you’re here in your body, but your mind is “somewhere.” If you feel strongly with any of this, that’s because a part of you is still rooted in the past.

But, when you are completely free from your past, situations won’t come up to haunt you again and again or the present day reminder of them won’t disturb you in any way. Therefore, when you do some inner work, it’s a step towards being free and whole. Also, when you heal the emotional body, you heal the physical, and when you heal the physical body, you also heal the emotional. Of course, it’s more complex and way more complicated than that, but for simplicity purposes here, we’ll leave it at that.

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired as many say, it’s time to do something about it.

Although there are many ways to unhook yourself from your past, QT is one of the fastest ways to get you there. When you work with QT, practitioners look at the whole being for any imbalances and restore the body back to balance. It looks at the physical and the nonphysical like the emotional, spiritual, and mental. While I do agree with Truman that there is an emotional component to all dis-eases, there are other components that block healing or are at the root causes of an illness as well.

So do some inner work. Clean out your emotional past. Then, you’ll find that you’ll have the inner space and the room you need to grow. Because the more space you free up when the old emotional toxicity is gone, and the more space you have, the more room you will have to finally love one of the most important people in your life: YOU.

And, when you make room for it, know that everything else will surely fall into place. It’s not magic by the way. It’s just the way life works. Make this your best year yet! Unhook yourself from your past with a QT session now. Give yourself the gift of freedom. And, since the holidays are coming up, you can now buy a session via a gift card to give to friends and family. Gift giving has just gotten easier and much better. Life is good.

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